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Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne Review

Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne

I promised individual reviews of each Jo Malone Rock of Ages Cologne and what better place to start than my current favourite - Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne. If you enjoy fresh, uplifting, water drench florals I can all but assure you that this will be your next purchase once you test it out. The Jo Malone Rock of Ages Cologne collection is the annual celebration of British heritage and I don't think there has ever been a fragrance line up quite so vast in notes nor clever.

As you may or may not be aware launching on the 1st of March is Jo Malone Rock of Ages collection, five fragrances (four new, one permanent) each of which have been created to evoke the essence of era's past and present. Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne has been blended as a nod to the Georgian Era.

"Lily of the Valley and Ivy. Reminiscent of the pastel gentility of Georgian London. Sparkling cassis and green ivy open the fragrance while the dewy delicacy of Lily of the Valley and decadent narcissus add a lavish heart. Captivating, ethereal."

Although not British I can't help but think of Mary Antoinette, I guess as she was around the same time I am not too far off. From the pretty pastel packaging to the light, airy notes of Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne everything about this scent is indulgent yet feminine. Fitting as this is often referred to the period of luxury (for some anyway, others weren't so lucky), imagine large, rolling, perfectly manicured stately gardens, Jane Austen and high tea. A certain British delicateness and dare I say it almost twee? This cologne is light, sparkling and very much an aquatic floral (I'd imagine fans of Jo Malone Bluebell will also enjoy this). The green ivy allows the overall fragrance to be refreshing yet the delicate floral lily note prevents it from being overpowering. In my opinion it reminds me of spring and fresh rain - dew on flower petals, the scent of new beginnings and freshly cut grass. Soft, fresh, clean and very to reaffirm it once more feminine. Despite being light and airy the wear time is incredible, it lingers on the skin without being overwhelming - I can't think of a more perfect Spring ready fragrance.

All five new colognes will launch on the 1st of March and will cost £42/30ml.

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  1. Ohh this Cologne has such elegant and exquisite packaging! ^ u ^

  2. I love the design on the cap, i'm probably only going to get one from the collection (although I wish I could get them all) can't wait to see what you say about the others, but this one is definitely catching my attention, your words sent me into a day dream!!!!

  3. Looks lovely, all of Jo Malone's products look amazing to be honest!


  4. This sounds like something I would love! X

  5. This sounds like it smells lovely, I love floral scents!!

  6. Oooh floral scents are my favourite! I need to go buy this!

  7. This sounds so lovely, and Jo Malone packaging is always so elegant!x

    Ooh La Luce | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  8. I love Jo Malone, and the Peony and Blush Suade has been very special too me for a while now. This sounds so beautiful too, I'm desperate to go and give it a smell myself!
    - Jem
    Jem's Blog

  9. Each post of making me so jealous. I adore Jo Malone. Everytime someone goes to London I beg for another scent :)

  10. I can't wait for the new collection to be released, this one sounds amazing I'm desperate to give it a smell. The packaging is beautiful too :)
    Becki |

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  12. Ooh I have my eye on this and the black pepper one (?) as well!

    Anoushka xx

  13. Wow, this sounds sooooo great. I have to go out and smell these when they come out!

  14. I so wish Jo Malone wasn't so expensive!


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