Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne

Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne

Did I mention that I am obsessed with Jo Malone Intense colognes? Oh I did. If you have ever tested Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily fragrance be it in candle or cologne form I am more than sure you would understand. It is the type of fragrance that you could bathe in...well if you happen to be a multi-millionaire of course.

"Rare Kyara wood. Prized in the Kohdo ceremony, the highly ritualised Japanese art of incense appreciation. Enriched with amber and black orchid. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily. Calm and relaxing."

I was a little late to the party concerning the Jo Malone Intense colognes, I foolishly deemed the glossy, black packaging to instantly correlate to men's fragrance. Silly when I have been known to mist on an aftershave or two in my time. I digress, the striking packaging has been incorporated to depict the fact that the notes and altogether fragrance line is more powerful and intense hence the name. Basically what I am trying to convey in a round about way is don't be off put by the packaging, I can hand on heart say that the Jo Malone Intense range has some of the most beautiful fragrances I have ever experienced.

Summing up Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne is tricky without overusing the term sublime, over and over again. It truly is exquisite, floral, clean (I instantly think of freshly washed Egyptian Cotton), comforting and long wearing - one quick mist will linger on the skin for the entire duration of a day. It neatly fits into the sensual, woody floral box without being overwhelming, dated or powdery. Although the majority of Jo Malone fragrance are aimed at being unisex this is most certainly a gentle, feminine scent. If you are a fan of Malin & Goetz Dark Rum Eau de Toilette but want something a little deeper and longer wearing this is the fragrance for you. No they are not identical but somewhat similar. I think Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne may be my favourite cologne ever and trust me that is no mean feat.

Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne 100ml/£100 - link

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  1. Awesome review, I can almost smell it! Almost! :-)

  2. This sounds amazing! I need to try out more Jo Malone colognes.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  3. It sounds amazing - Jo Malone has a fantastic product range.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. I absolutely love this scent, it is so original and definitely one of my favorites!

    Xoxo Nicole


  5. Ooh I love the sound of this! Sounds lovely!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  6. I love deep, sensual fragrances - definitely want to get a closer look (or smell!) of this! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  7. I've wanting this scent for so long! It's just very expensive - may have to take the plunge and treat myself now x

  8. This sounds amazing, but it's just so expensive - haha! x



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