Foreo LUNA Anti-Ageing Skincare Device for Normal/Sensitive Skin

It seems that the beauty world is utterly sold on cleansing brushes be they manual or not just about every skin care brand has one on offer. I will admit that I rather enjoy the occasional deep cleanse with a cleansing brush but find some can be a little too harsh for my skin type. If like myself you are prone to sensitised skin the Foreo LUNA Anti-Ageing Skincare Device for Normal/Sensitive Skin could be the very answer. There is also Foreo LUNA's for ultra sensitive skin, combination skin,a version for men and a more affordable LUNA mini. I apologise in advance, for the long winded review...

"A revolutionary facial-cleansing and anti-ageing device, the LUNA™ combines sophisticated T-Sonic™ technology with a soft, silicone brush for deep yet gentle cleansing that helps to improve the absorption of skincare products. The reverse surface channels lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Requiring no replacement brushes, the LUNA™ is a more economical, as well as hygienic and gentle solution, than similar products on the market. With the LUNA™ range, FOREO promises you radiant, younger-looking and naturally beautiful skin, and the confidence that comes with it."

Yes the Foreo LUNA's do look a little gimmicky and space age (Swedish design) but I am more than enamoured at this point. I have tried several cleansing brushes in the past and although I do like them, the natural fibre (in most cases) brush heads are something that bother me. First of all, if you have sensitised or blemish prone skin they can be harsh and then there is the whole sterile aspect. The LUNA's feature silicone nodules, I would say bristles but that isn't really all that fitting. Unlike traditional brush head bristles, the silicone is non-porous meaning not only is it super gentle on the skin but it is resistant to bacteria build up. Essentially they don't absorb dirt, oil nor make-up and are easy to clean and dry too. It is also kinder on the pocket in the long run as there is no brush heads to replace.

To further extend on the gentle aspect, there is no rotating of bristles rather the LUNA's pulse to deeply cleanse the skin as well as unclogging pores (I have not seen an improvement in this area as of yet) and removing dead, dry skin. Admittedly it does take a little getting used to but it is a pleasant experience - almost like a massage rather than then often scrubbing sensation of other brushes of this type.

I have used the LUNA twice a week now for just under two months and have not noticed a purge stage - then again my skin has been far from perfect due to medication. I did do a little research and haven't found many if any reviews complaining about breakouts due to use of this product. I can't say for sure as my experience isn't extensive enough as of yet, but I do find that with the use of this device blemishes do clear up a little quicker. No it won't make skin problems of any type disappear over night but it is worth mentioning none the less.

When wearing make-up or within the heart of a bustling city I double cleanse (which I recommend if using such device) with the second stage incorporating the LUNA. If you take off the bulk of your make-up before use I feel you will find it far more beneficial - your skin will feel softer, cleaner and immediately products absorb far better (and quicker too). As someone who is prone to dehydration I can not tell you how appreciated this is. After a week or so my skin started to look brighter and as this was the only new addition to my routine it can't be a coincidence. The downside is that if I stop using this for say a week my skin does retort back to dullness etc. All of the full sized LUNA's have an anti-ageing mode which I have been playing around with, I'm not entirely sure what it is meant to do and I imagine that it is more of a prevention rather than cure. I expect it is something in which you would need to be very patient with but so far the frown lines on my head which I have been targeting don't look any different. 

Summed up? A gentle approach to deep cleansing that will leave the skin brighter, softer and encourages the complexion to somewhat heal quicker. The results are almost instant especially in removing dry/dead skin cells and aiding the absorption of skin care products. 

Foreo LUNA Anti-Ageing Skincare Device for Normal/Sensitive Skin £145.00 via Boots - link.

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