Beauty New Year Resolutions

Resolutions let's face it very few remain unbroken by the end of January! Ever the optimist eh. I jest of course but in all honesty I am not a stickler for resolutions, I try my best but don't really get bogged down by them. With that in mind it will come of no surprise that I don't make all that many but I do resolve to obey the following...

1, Use More - Back in 2013 I was fairly vigilant when it come to shopping my stash i.e making use of products that I had somewhat forgotten about. Then along came 2014 and that went out the window, this year I am to use more of those lipsticks and palettes that have slid under the radar.

2, Don't Fear Colour - I love red lipstick and generally bright make-up on others but personally I have yet to find the confidence to slick on a bright lipstick and not feel self concious. I am taking baby steps to become comfortable with bold make-up and aim to apply a bright lipstick at least once a week.

3, Roots! - Oh lordy am I terrible for sporting five inch dark roots, it makes me feel scruffy and unkempt. Part of the problem if you can call it that is due to the fact my hair grows rather quickly and the other dilemma of sorts is that I hate going to the hairdressers. It is also expensive to have a whole head re-growth tinted every 6-8 weeks hence why I do put it off until someone asks me how long I have had ombre hair. I wish I was jesting. Hopefully this year I will be more inclined to sit in the salon chair more this year.

4, Spend Less - I am so frivolous when it comes to money, I am the type that earns a dollar but spends two. I can not walk past a make-up counter or stand without coming away with several items. It really is a bad habit. This year I aim to ask myself if I really need the item (for whatever reason) and if the answer is no, then I can't purchase it. Here is where I do say don't have too much faith in me haha!

5, Strip Back On Skin Care - Last night while grimacing at the state of my skin in the mirror I came to the fairly obvious conclusion that my constant chopping and changing of skin care can not be doing my skin any favours. I am still fairly young (I am in my twenties if curious) so I highly doubt that my skin needs all the lotions and potions I am prone to slapping on. Perhaps less is more after all?

Do you have any beauty resolutions? I'd love to read them!