Yankee Christmas Candles

I want to say a huge thank you to whoever it was that happened to be my secret Santa, the lovely person not only sent me the above candles but also a beautiful atlas inspired diary. It goes without saying that I am so grateful and adore both gifts so if you happen to be reading, thank you so much!
December seems to be the month we all go a little candle crazy, with most of us winding down to enjoy the festive period here is six Yankee scents that you may want to fill your home with?

Yankee Angel Wings - "Spirits rise on this beautiful, airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla." A light and weirdly pretty scent, it some what reminds me of freshly fallen snow. Crisp, clean and slightly musky and not overly vanilla based.

Yankee Candy Cane Lane - "A favourite Christmas place where delicious dreams are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing." I can't personally detect the vanilla or cookie notes, rather it reminds me of candy canes. Minty and uplifting.

Yankee Icicles - "The crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon." A traditionally festive scent - pine and cinnamon, warming yet not overpowering.

Yankee Christmas Eve -"This delightful scent evokes memories of traditional Christmas’s spent with family and friends around a warming fire. With a combination of a warm hearth, sugary plums and seasonal fruits, it will fill the room with a warm aroma.This charming fragrance is certain to make any home feel cosy and inviting this holiday season and put you in the mood to celebrate!" A personal favourite, sweet and almost candy like with fruity notes.

Yankee Sugared Apple - "A deliciously sweet apple treat... a perfect recipe of juicy apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla."If you are a fan of Lush So White products then you will want this candle, it smells rather similar, slightly powdery yet sweetly apple based. One of my favourite festive scents to date.

Yankee Christmas Memories - "From the heart of the kitchen, unforgettable holiday moment are brought home again with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets."The official description couldn't be more apt - it does remind me of the kitchen around this time of the year. A somewhat typical vanilla scent that evokes memories of baking cakes etc coupled with cinnamon and other spice notes. A beautifully festive fragrance.

You can find all the festive Yankee scents here via Yankee Candle with prices ranging from £1.12 - £19.99 - link