Winter Ready Foundations For All Skin Types and Budgets

So it is Winter and along with the colder weather the vast majority of us will experience some sort of skin dryness be it dehydration, rough patches or just a drier complexion than normal. With that in mind I have raided my stash and found three of the best, creamy yet suitable for most skin types foundations. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation £9.99 via Look Fantastic - link.
I personally feel like everyone should try Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation at least once. It iss one of the few gel formulations that works rather well with my skin regardless of its condition - dry, oily, combination it suits it all. It glides on with such ease giving a flawless base with the illusion of a healthy glow despite how tired I may be feeling and stays put all day with a quick dab of pressed powder. Even if my skin does decide to have an oily moment the fresh, dewy finish of this foundation disguises it better than any other. The creamy texture is some what moisturising and nourishing, it won't cling to dry areas nor will it further dry out the skin making it a great Winter weather option. I love it, my skin loves it, my purse loves it and it never fails to gain a compliment or two if you have yet to try it you simply must.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation £34 via Space.NK - link.
A light yet creamy texture that glides on to the skin without feeling tacky, buildable coverage (so much so I don't bother with concealer on blemishes if wearing this) that looks light but covers all minor imperfections (redness, scarring etc). Despite being what I would deem a moisturising formula it doesn't overwhelm my oily/de-hyrated skin nor does it encourage it to produce excess sebum - rather the opposite. I would go as far as saying that this foundation has somewhat mattifying qualities. Yes it does offer oil control but it doesn't seem to cling to any dry areas I have due to eczema which is a blessing nor is it overly matte nor mask like on the skin. In my opinion the coverage is medium to full depending on how you apply it (for a lighter coverage stipple on with a damp brush, for full use your fingertips or a beauty blender) but natural with somewhat luminous qualities if buffered on to the skin it can give an air brushed effect. If you are looking for a moisturising yet high coverage foundation that is suitable for even the driest of skin types I'd give this my full backing. As a heads up a less is more approach is best taken when using Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation £29.70 via Boots - link.
The texture of this foundation is very, very light and loose - to say it is hydrating is an understatement. A few months ago I happily stated that I doubted this would be suited to dry skin types as it does some what cling to the skin. Well guess who is eating humble pie? This guy that is who. The light, hydrating texture has been nothing short of wonderful on my currently dry/de-hydrated skin - it glides over my skin, creating a beautiful somewhat glowy finish with a moderate level of coverage. it lightly masks imperfections without caking but I warn you now this will cling to any and I mean any dry patches. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation has a light almost matte finish which most would describe as being velvet, it gives a soft focus finish but it won't truly disguise enlarged pores et al for that you will need a primer. I must warn this does contain a high level of alcohol so although the occasional use won't further dry out the complexion it may not be ideal for truly dry skin types daily.

Do you have any foundations you'd add to this list?