Space NK Smoky Rose Candle

Cast your mind back to 2013 and you may recall that Bourjois launched a candle? A dusky rose scented candle that was based on the fragrance of the iconic Bourjois blushes? Well if you missed out or perhaps want something very similar, well I may have found the answer in the Space NK Smoky Rose Candle.

"Create a rich, fragrant and heady scented atmosphere reminiscent of romantic dinners and evenings by and open fire. Smoky Rose: a seductive blend of sensual rose with pink pepper and the essence of wood smoke and maple."

First of all if you don't like rose scents don't let this put you off, as this is more of a delicate floral with strong smoky notes. To me it smells like the day after Bonfire night? If you aren't British that most likely makes no sense at all so perhaps comparing it to the fragrance of a freshly put out fire is more apt? It is rich yet oddly sweet, if you like Yankee Fireside Treats but want something with a stronger scent throw then this is the one. I was rather surprised by the quality of Space.NK's own candles, they burn so evenly and really do scent an entire home rather than just a room. Next time I am in store I may side step my usual Diptyque purchase and go home with a few Space,NK candles. They are luxurious yet slightly better priced and sized. Space.NK Smoky Rose is a new favourite of mine that is for sure!

Space NK Smoky Rose Candle £15-£30 via Space.NK - link.

The above candle was a gift with purchase.