Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum, how I love thee.
From the rich purple, glass bottle to the beautiful, deep fragrance held within there is not one thing I do not enjoy about Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum.
For one it is my go to Winter and evening scent - as soon as the weather gets chilly I dust off my bottle and back into rotation it goes. It's like wearing a favourite coat - warm, comforting and familiar. I have tried and owned hundreds of fragrances but the only one that has ever truly won my heart is Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum. It is my signature scent, so much so that I do get a little peeved if anyone I know happens to wear it. Entirely selfish I know but it just feels like it is "mine".

"Distinctive and mysterious, yet comforting and soft, Alien by Thierry Mugler conveys passion sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity. A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions. A scent like no other it is irresistibly appealing and totally out of this world..."
I've reviewed and mentioned Alien several times so I'm not going to go into great detail about the fragrance. I do agree with the offical blurb above and will say is that it is a sexy, mysterious scent that is strong and very noticeable, almost masculine. It lingers on the skin and in my opinion is better suited to the night and the colder seasons. If I wear it I know at least one person will ask what is my scent of choice which is both a blessing and a curse ha! One thing that is for sure it is beautiful and timeless - I've been wearing it since it launched in launched in 2005 (that's nearly 10 years) and have yet to grow tired of it. I urge you to try it but just don't get to close to me haha!

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum £49.50 via Boots - link.