Bomb Cosmetics Snowberry Cupcakes Candle

It is a wet and miserable day, I have had a pretty rubbish day thus far, so what is a girl to do?
Put a perfectly cheesy Christmas film (Arthur Christmas if you are curious), my sweats and burn a sweet smelling candle. My candle of choice for today and other day that needs somewhat brightened up during the Winter has to be Bomb Cosmetics Snowberry Cupcakes Candle.

This is a quintessentially feminine fragrance that is sugary sweet and almost candied in sent. Although fruity and sweet it doesn't leave me feeling hungry (Yankee Cupcake scents send me straight to the fridge), what can I say I'm a pie and answer to my belly above all else. Bomb Cosmetics Snowberry Cupcakes Candle is a blend of sweet festive berries which have been glazed in caramel and sugar for a sweet cupcake delight, to tap into the season of festivities pure myrrh and ylang ylang essential oils have also been added for a little depth. To my nose this smells a lot like strawberry chew sweets - pink, girlie and oh so sweet, it also doesn't hurt that the candle reminds me of cupcakes both in scent and design. The scent throw is incredible and Bomb Cosmetic candles burn so well and evenly that you'd be forgiven for assuming they cost a lot more than £7.99.

Bomb Cosmetics Snowberry Cupcakes Candle £7.99 via Bomb Cosmetics - link.