Bomb Cosmetics Santa's Little Helper Candle

I know Christmas is now over until next year but in case you are on the look out for a festive candle or two to stash away for 2015 or perhaps are lucky enough to stumble upon a sale, let me share Bomb Cosmetics Santa's Little Melter Candle. The scent that has been lingering throughout my household the last few days. I didn't actually purchase this for myself, rather my sister had popped it in my Christmas Eve Box which was a lovely surprise.

Much like all Bomb Cosmetics Candles this comes presented with a small tin complete with four decorative wax hearts. I had no intention of sharing this candle on here but it won me over so much that I couldn't resist, hence why said red hearts have now melted and tinted the once white wax pink. It also had a sprinkling of gold dust on the top layer of wax which has now gathered around the wick, these things happen when in use but trust me when you first purchase any Bomb Cosmetics Candle they are beautifully presented!

"Bomb Cosmetics Candle Santa's Little Helper. A luxurious candle with orange and tangerine combined with soft cinnamon, exotic spices and precious woods. Topped of with little Red Hearts and Santas Magic Dust. Burning Time: 35 hours approx".

The above blurb tells you all you need to know really but let me elaborate a little further, scent wise it somewhat reminds me of Christmas Cake, fruity yet with a little hint of spice. I personally don't enjoy spice based scents all that much but the light tinges of cinnamon teamed with the tangerine and orange really helps to create a festive mood. Since Christmas Eve it has flickered away on my mantel piece (at one point I did combine it with Yankee Christmas Eve), filling the room with a light, fruity scent. I have to say that Bomb Cosmetics Candles never disappoint, the scent throw is incredible and they burn evenly. I can't comment on the 35 hours aspect as I don't really pay much mind to how long I leave a candle burning. 

Bomb Cosmetics Santa's Little Helper Candle £6.99