A fragrance heavy beauty update today...

Clinique Aromatics gets a younger sister in the form of Clinique Aromatics in White Eau de Parfum which launches this month. I have tested this today and can say it is a very clean floral scent with notes of violet leaves, labdanum, rose, orange blossom, patchouli, leather musk, grey amber, benzoin and vanilla. It strikes me as a Spring ready scent.

Another Britney Spears perfume launch for this year (should be out now or just about to hit counters) is Britney Spears Rocker Fantasy. This is a spin off from the original Fantasy fragrance but said to be deeper and more suited to evening wear. Notes are said to include blackberry liqueur, coconut cream, gardenia, jasmine, violet, amber, cashmere and vanilla.

A new fragrance from Robert Cavalli - Robert Cavalli Paradiso which is said to include notes of bergamot, mandarin,jasmine, cypress, parasol pine and pink laurel to create a woody floral.“Paradiso is about a moment of happiness. I wanted to give a feeling of that instant when you feel totally at ease" This will launch in early 2015.

Although pricey I do think those who want a truly original and lesser known fragrance may be interested in this fragrance line. As someone who likes fairly masculine scents the Love My Man is speaking to me. Next time I am in London I will be heading straight to the counter! "French fragrance brand Dear Rose, founded by mother and daughter duo Chantal and Alexandra Roos, has launched in the UK. Chantel has an established career in perfumery, where she has helped develop top fragrances from brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake and Jean-Paul Gaultier, before returning to Saint-Laurent in 2000 to take presidency of YSL Beauté. Dear Rose comprises five fragrances for women, created with parfumeur Fabric Pellegrin, including: A Capella, comprising notes of absolute rose bud with green ivy on a base of white wood; I LOVE My Man, featuring Bulgarian and centifolia roses with a hint of cinnamon, tonka bean and santal; Bloody Rose, a balance of ylang and orange flower on a bed of incense and patchouli; Sympathy for the Sun, which comprises a bouquet of besperides on a duo of jasmine petals and peonies, with a touch of salt; and La Favorite, containing a mix of pink pepper and saffron with oud and patchouli. Fabrice Pellegrin has signed all Dear Roses's five scents."

This is the scent I am most excited about the annual limited edition Escada launch, 2015 is Escada Turquoise Summer and looks to be a fruity floral with notes of pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, and blackcurrant. Roll on Spring 2015 - I need to test this!

Obviously I don't have children but a few of my friends do so this brand has been mentioned to me several times all with raving reviews. The fact that it is coming to the UK should be exciting news for some! "Dutch baby care brand NAÏF, which launches into 400 Boots stores this month. Founded in 2012 by Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hes, the brand offers a seven-strong product range, which uses nothing but skin-nourishing and soothing ingredients. Key ingredients include cottonseed, sweet almond, macadamia and avocado oils and camomile. The range, which also features four gift sets and a swaddling cloth, will be extended in 2015 with the addition of a sun care line. NAÏF is also available in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Germany and the United States."