Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette Review

Fragrance is such a personal thing isn't it? For me spraying on a few mists of my favourite scent is as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth - I feel lost and dare I say it a little naked without it. One thing I don't like is to smell like every second person on the high street and I'm sure many are in agreement with me here? If you are looking for a rich yet oddly cleans scent that will make you stand out from the crowd may I suggest Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette.

The bottle design of Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette oddly reminds me of Caudalie Divine Oil and to an extent the overall scent is not worlds apart. It is classic floral yet features a modern day twist with notes of Italian Bergamot, white Jasmine, Fig-tree leaf, Tiare flower and Virginian Cedar. As mentioned above it has a certain clarity and crispness - perhaps it is the white floral notes, as well as having a fruity kick. It truly smells like nothing else I have encountered thus far and is one of those fragrances I am having difficulty placing. There is no occasion this wouldn't suit - it is gentle enough for day/office wear, kicks enough punch for the evening and doesn't call out to any particular season.

Think of Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette as your do all, suit all scent staple, the little black dress of the fragrance world. It also doesn't hurt that it wears exceptionally well on the skin too, which is not something I get to say all that often in regards to eau de toilettes.

Melvita L'Or Bio Eau de Toilette £36 via Melvita - link.

This post contains a press sample.