Weekly Favourites #54

I don't have a whole bunch of favourites this week but what I have been enjoying may well end up being Autumn staples for me and perhaps you too?

For years and I mean years I have avoided deep lipsticks, fearing plum shades would look a little over the top. By accident when purchasing a few Jordana lip liners I somehow purchased the shade Cabernet which almost looks black in the tube yet morphs into a deep, red based plum come wine hue that is oddly flattering. The magic of a shade like this is that it appears you have really put effort into your make-up even if all you slick on is a little mascara and contour as the focus is on your lips. Oddly this hue also makes my eyes appear bluer and my teeth whiter and the formula isn't half bad either. I realise that Jordana is not a brand all that accessible in the UK (nor in the US in my experience) but I do recommend Cherry Culture. I have just placed a huge Jordana order along with some Milani bits and pieces which I will share as soon as it arrives! From looking at online swatches MAC Nightmoth seems to be pretty similar.

As mentioned above make-up has been fairly minimal (hello jet lag) and my main emphasis has been on appearing less tired than I actually am. My go to look has been a quick dusting of Maybelline Color Show Eyeshadow in Lustrous Beige (find it here) which helps to brighten and open my eyes. I am a huge fan of the well pigmented gel formulation and would recommend picking up at least one shade, the shades are all flattering and long wearing not to mention well priced.

While in Florida I did get a new tattoo (it is not finished yet and I think most would prefer a tattoo video rather than a post?), like an idiot I forgot to pack any type of ointment for the flight home to keep it moisturised. Half way through the flight it began to itch like crazy and all I had to hand was Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream (find it here). I realise that it is not it is intended use nor recommended by anyone but let me tell you it worked wonders for me. It soothed the itch, keep the area moist and oddly my tattoo is now a week old and has not formed a scab? I truly believe that this has healed it quicker than usual. I'm not suggesting for one moment others should follow my example but lets just say in the future this is what will be slathered on any new tattoos of mine.

Have you tried Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (find it here)? If not then trust me even oily skin types may want to invest for the winter months. I will review in full with more details in the coming days but for now the key points are that it is super light yet beyond hydrating and oddly doesn't overwhelm the skin. It is cooling, soothing and just a joy to use. I have been using this daily for around three weeks and my skin has never felt better nor more plump. A huge thumbs up!

Two little seasonal treats that I simply could not mention is Yankee's Apple Pumpkin Candle (find it here) which is my Autumnal go to home fragrance. It is rich, fruity and slightly spicy and oh so fitting for the time of the year. I am obsessed and have burnt it religiously since arriving back home. If you are a huge lover of the Autumn then your shower needs a bottle of Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath (find it here). I've said in my full review that this is best suited to being a shower gel but the real selling point is how beautifully it is scented. It has a certain cupcake quality yet has the familiar fragrance of what most imagine Pumpkin to smell like.

What have you been enjoying recently?