L.E Witch Skincare Blemish Stick for Marie Curie

Witch Skincare have just unveiled a new and limited edition packaged version of their best selling Blemish Stick and all for a really good cause - Marie Curie. As you may or may not know Marie Curie supports terminally ill people via their nursing services be it at home or in a nursing facility. I have seen first hand just how valuable their support and care is and think it is beyond honourable that Witch Skincare are donating £10,000 to the charity.

The packaging may be new but it is still the same old tried and tested formula which I have used several times in the past when plagued with a pesky blemish or two. Essentially the Witch Skincare Blemish Stick is a stick of portable astringent that contains alcohol and natural Witch Hazel Oil to dry out and stop a blemish in it's tracks with Glycerine to calm the skin. I'm not going to hail this as an the answer to our spotty prayers but it does remarkably reduce the size of any blemishes when slicked on before it fully develops. As it contains alcohol it can be slightly drying but with my oily skin I don't find it all that troublesome, what I will say is that yes I do use this on the go but it does remove any make-up from the area you apply it to, a small price to pay for reduced blemish sizes and quicker healing times. It does tingle a little on application and has a slight alcohol scent but I'll happily take that over the sizeable volcano like blemish that is residing on the side of my nose. Sexy and I know it.

Cheap (£3.19), cheerful, effective and for a great cause make sure you pick up your limited edition Witch Skincare Blemish Stick for Marie Curie this month exclusively at Superdrug.

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