Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum

Here in not so sunny Glasgow we have reached that point in the year that when I wake up (around 7 am) it is dark and guess what dark by 6pm. Oh yay (sarcasm a plenty). The only upside is that I feel it is now seasonally appropriate to dig out those heavier fragrances and enjoy them once more. I say dig out when really Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum is a new addition to my collection. A sneaky and not at all justified duty free purchase. Nobody treats Adrienne better than Adrienne eh?

Around this time last year I recall first properly testing out Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum in my local Space.NK and for whatever reason placing it back on the shelf and exiting empty handed. A little bizarre as restraint is not something I am best known for and violet is one of my favourite fragrance notes. Anyway to cut a long story short I re-tested, fell hard for the seductive floral notes and handed over the cash immediately - the fact it was slightly discounted may have added to my recklessness.

I know some may think I am talking utter rubbish but I think a good few of Tom Ford fragrances (not the private blend collection) all smell very similar until they settle on the skin. For that reason I recommend when trying any of them out to give it ten minutes or so to adapt before deciding it is for you or not. Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum is based on the ever so slightly powdery yet richer than rose notes of iris and violet as well as combing hints of Tuscan orris butter, Sambac jasmine with a base of musk, suede, cedar, vetiver and benzoin. In my opinion this is the love child of Tom Ford Black Orchid (in that it is sensual, deep and long lasting) and Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances. The violet notes rings loud and clear but thanks to the other notes it almost has a masculine tinge or at least on me. When this is wearing off my skin it seems to become buttery and almost leather like. Bizarre on paper (or should that be screen) but very alluring - you will lift your wrist to you nose on more than one occasion when wearing this. Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum is one for those who like deeper, sexier floral's making it perfect for the colder weather or evening wear.

Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum from £50 (30ml) via Space.NK - link.