Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner

There are lots of products that are available further afield which are not readily for sale within the UK and of course vice versa. While in Florida I did notice that the Herbal Essences franchise is much larger in America than here in the UK. For instance not only is there additional hair products such as dry shampoo's and oils but also body washes which have been scented with the same fragrance as certain shampoo and conditioner combinations. Smelling like shampoo isn't really high on my agenda believe it or not but I couldn't help but try out the Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner.

Co-Washing (washing the hair with a specially formulated conditioner, no shampoo is involved) has became big news within the beauty world in the last few months. As someone who regularly has their hair bleached the idea somewhat appeals to me - I mean anything that helps add moisture rather than stripping it from the hair can only be beneficial? Probably but sadly for me Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner is not the answer.

In my mind I thought Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner would be a lighter than air formula that gently cleansed the hair will being somewhat hydrating? A product that will leave my hair soft and my colour bright? Wrong. This has the consistency and smell of the original Herbal Essences Colour Damage Conditioner which I do happen to enjoy in the traditional sense. As a child you are taught not to put conditioner on the roots of your hair as it can make it limp and greasy? Well that is exactly what Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner did despite the application method suggesting it is more than satisfactory to do so. I merrily jumped in the shower (I'm 5ft, I have to jump frequently out of necessity), slapped this on my wet hair, massaged and rinsed. As soon as I began to towel dry my hair I sensed all was not well , my hair felt sticky at the roots and generally did not appear to have been cleansed in any shape or form. Rather the opposite. To both the touch and appearance this appeared to have left a tacky film on the surface of my hair much like what would happen should you apply a typical hair conditioner to the scalp. Bizarre.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a large bottle of the original Herbal Essences Colour Damage Conditioner dressed up with a new name and fancy pump. For the two weeks I was in Florida I used it as a typical conditioner in which it delivered more than satisfactory results but a cleansing conditioner this is not. Save your money and look elsewhere!

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner costs approx $7 and can be found in most US drugstores should you be curious. I have no doubt in my mind that sooner or later it will appear along with the aforementioned US only products on British soil. Most likely in 2015 but that is a mere guess.