Flamingo Candles Cinnamon Appleberry Candle

Like a good few I am quite the fan of Halloween but fully understand that certain items you want to be able to use longer than one day. I hear ya! Well the new Flamingo Candles Halloween collection allows you to indulge in the spooky spirit but won't seem out of place throughout November if that at all makes sense? The three new additions are scented with Autumnal fruit and spices yet are sweet so that a little Halloween spirit (is there such a thing?) trickles through.

So yes three new fragrances from Flamingo Candles which I am assuming are limited edition: Orange and Nutmeg which in my opinion would be a great all round Autumn/Winter purchase, Cinnamon Appleberry and of course the classic Aniseed. Great on their own or combined to create a custom scent.

I was kindly gifted the Flamingo Candles Cinnamon Appleberry Candle to put to the test and although not a fan of cinnamon I do have to say this has won me over. It is light, fresh and yet thanks to the spicy kick it has a true Autumn vibe. If you enjoy fruity fragrances but want something a little more-ish for the colder weather this is what I'd recommend. It reminds me of freshly baked apple pies and all things that come along with the crisp Autumn weather. It also works surprisingly well alongside the new Lush So White Shower Gel should you be planning a pampering night in?

Who said Halloween only has to last one night? If buy enough sweets you can easily stretch it out a week...I jest. Well kinda...

Flamingo Candles Halloween 2014 cost £12 each and are available here - link.

This post contains a press sample.