sept wish

I am not entirely sure why I share wish lists as they don't serve their intended purpose as far as I am concerned. Initially I set out each month rustling up a wish list of items that my heart oh so wanted in the hope that should I have a little spare cash, an upcoming birthday or whatever I would treat myself to a product or two. Birthday's come and go, gift cards and extra cash gets spent and yet I never stay on plan. Presented with the beauty halls I tend to go completely off of tangent and purchase something completely unrelated. Oh well if anything it is always nice to see what others are currently coveting?

1, Did you know Chanel have a new powder foundation out? No me neither but CHANEL
VITALUMIÈRE Loose Powder Foundation SPF15 has sprung up online and I for one happen to be intrigued. At £55 it is not cheap and more than I would ideally spend on what is essentially a loose powder but I feel the compulsion to head to my local Chanel counter and give it a whirl. You can find it via House of Fraser here - link.

2, The MAC Neutral Palettes have been around for quite some time now and although they caught my attention on first release that quickly passed. Fast forward a couple of months and they are all I can think about. Personally I am blaming the impending MAC Brooke Sheilds 15 Pan Palette for placing these in the forefront of my mind. I rather fancy owning the MAC Neutral Cool Palette but know deep down that I will get more use from the warm selection . Not to mention it is better suited to my skin tone. At £65 per palette this is not something I will purchase on a whim. In fact I may wait until I am in the States, have a good swatch of each shade and of course bag a discount. Win/win? You can find both palettes here - link.

3, Most will know that I adore Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel, well as of today you can now find the beautiful illuminating elixir complete with a pump. Can I get a hallelujah? My bottle isn't quite finished but the additional pump has rather got me excited. It's the simple things in life! You can find it here - link.

4, I adore fragrance, perhaps a little too much. I have decided that the next scent to join my ever expanding perfume wardrobe will be Tom Ford Blonde Violet Eau de Parfum. If you enjoy violet based scents I can merrily say that you will lap this up. Being a Tom Ford fragrance it is rather intense and oh so long wearing. You can find it here - link.

5, I am rather having a Tom Ford moment and topping my wish list is the Tom Ford Beauty Eye Colour Quad in Silvered Topaz. The subtle yet smoky eye selection is right up my alley and suitable for day wear. I can see myself using this quad of shades fairly regularly. Anything to justify a purchase huh! Find it here - link.

6, One last Tom Ford pick I promise! After watching a Lisa Eldridge Video (Sophie Dahl Purple Smoky Eye), I have added Tom Ford's Nude Vanilla Lipstick to my must purchase list. It looks to be the perfect creamy nude come pink for blondes, Being a Tom Ford lipstick you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be beautifully formulated too. Find it here via Selfridges - link.

7. Little known fact about me - from the age of 4 up until the age of 20 (yes really) I took Majorette classes. Another lesser known snippet of information, I utterly hated it and was forever covered in bruises. Although I have no intentions of ever picking up a baton again I wouldn't mind adding the new and utterly divine coral cream blush that is Benefit's Majorette Blush. Isn't the vintage packaging super cute? You can find it here - link.

What is on your to get list at the moment?