Aerin Iris Meadow Eau de Parfum

In a matter of days Aerin will launch two new parfums: Iris Meadow and Waterlily Sun. Admitedly I do think both fragrances would be better suited to a Spring launch, I have been lucky enough to try out both and have to say that they are rather original and worthy of a splurge.

Aerin Iris Meadow is the lighter of the two and the official blurb reads as follows - "Like walking through an open field wild with flowers, Iris Meadow beckons with crisp green notes infused with lush florals and deepened by warm, energizing woods. Effervescent Mandarin and vibrant Blackcurrant blend with fresh florals. Iris, emboldened by Egyptian Jasmine, balances the scent with vibrant depth while Cedarwood melts into creamy, woody musks."This is the fragrance I have been trailing out of the duo and would personally describe it as smelling like clean, fresh air dried laundry with a hint of citrus. Perhaps not the best description in the world but if you like clean uplifting fragrances that are light and easy to wear I would highly recommend this. I can not think of any other fragrance out there that smells remotely like this.

Aerin Waterlily Sun is slightly stronger and more floral in my opinion, the official description is - "Like sunlight reflecting on water, bright Sicilian Bergamot and Lush Dewy Greens entice the senses for an invigorating, luminous first impression. Delicate, yet alluring Waterlily and softly exotic Jasmine Sambac add layers of depth and intensity, warmed by sweetly inviting Musk. The effect is bright, dewy and fresh." If you like delicate but long lasting floral scents I would recommend trying this out. In my opinion a lot of florals smell rather samey but this is one of the few out there at the moment that doesn't instantly remind me of anything else. 

Aerin Iris Meadow and Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau de Parfum's will cost £85/50ml when they launch in October.

This post contains a press sample.