Lush Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

In my haul post I said I'd wait a full week before sharing my thoughts but after four washes I feel that it really is a case of now is as good as ever - I guess that is the benefit of washing your hair daily? Anyway I have one hit and one miss...

First of all I love the concept of Lush Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, they are compact, well priced and as they are solid you have zero mess until they become wet. If you have ever had a leaky bottle of shampoo in your suitcase I'm sure you will feel my pain. To use you simply wet the bar, rub between your hands and apply as you would a liquid hair product - you may feel it is easier to actually rub the bar straight on to the hair or scalp, basically whatever you find convenient. I also recommend purchasing the Lush Round Tin or any small container with a lid to keep your products dry in-between uses. It is also wise to let the shampoo/conditioner bars dry out much like you would with soap before popping them into an air tight container - hygiene and all that.

So the hit Lush Seanick Shampoo Bar, a beautifully aquatic scented shampoo bar that has been created to add shine and volume to the hair. It contains lemon oil, seaweed and sea salt which does make my scalp tingle slightly. The idea is that this shampoo bar stimulates the scalp and deeply cleanses much more than any typical bottle of shampoo I have ever used. It doesn't leave the hair dried out (even with continuous use) and more importantly for me did add crazy amounts of volume. As a matter of a fact I didn't really notice any added volume but then again I'm dubious a product that you rinse out immediately could actually deliver such claim? The only annoying thing about the Lush Seanick Shampoo Bar is that it contains little chunks of seaweed that do end up everywhere but of you can look past this, the Seanick is a brilliant detoxing shampoo that used once a week (or when needed) will rid all traces of product build up and generally leave your hair feeling soft and silky. It's a thumbs up from me! You can find it here for £5.50 - link.

The miss for me was Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner, don't get me wrong if you have fine or maybe even normal hair that doesn't need a lot of moisture this could work for you. Well like I said maybe. My main problem with Jungle is getting the product on to my hair, if using my hands I can't get enough conditioner for my needs. Then if I use the bar directly on to my hair, the bar is too solid in form to disperse the product - it needs the heat of your hands. It was a loose, loose situation for me. In the end out of frustration I would reach for a bottle of conditioner which is a shame as Lush Jungle smells wonderful (really fruity) and the bar would be really helpful for those who travel frequently but I just can't get on board! You can find it here for £3.95 - link.

I'd happily give up bottled/liquid shampoo in place of Lush Shampoo bars but for me I'm afraid that won't be the case where conditioner is involved.