90's Beauty Fails

At the moment the 90's are having a come back. I fully realise it has been a good fifteen years have passed but I feel it is a little too soon to revisit such era. I see young kids romanticising the 90's on Tumblr and don't get me wrong it is nice to get a little nostalgic about my childhood but let's not forget some of the tragic beauty moments. It wasn't all matte nude lips and Herbal Essences y'know...

Body Glitter - As an ex dance student this brings back the fear, the fear of my mother, grandmother, sisters and anyone else in the dressing room coating my hair and body in so much glitter that it would take a week to fully remove from my body. My scalp? I'm pretty sure I'm still removing the odd particle from back in 1999.

Glitter Eyeshadow - Oh man did we love a good glittery eyeshadow back in the day, I can recall being about 9 sat crossed legged in a dressing room before a dance show and applying blue glittery eyeshadow (with a foam applicator of course). I wanted so desperately to look like the older girls in my dance class. The name of the eyeshadow? Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen of course straight from the beauty aisles of Asda ha! I was also partial to stealing a spray of my mum's Versace Red Jeans Perfume too. I was a babe.

Butterfly Clips - Grab the front parts of your hair, twist and secure with a beautiful butterfly clip. The brighter the better and if said clip is glittery you are winning at life.

Impulse Body Sprays - Admittedly the lesser of the evils and I'd be only lying to myself if I said I'm not secretly enjoying their rival (the ultimate 90's fragrance was of course Vanilla Kisses). I can recall being super young, I'm talking way back in my primary school days and you simply weren't cool if you didn't produce a can of Impulse come P.E. 

Clear Lip Gloss - Greasy lips were all the range when I was a kid, all the better if it was fruity scented and came in roller ball form. Man those were the days...not.

Lip Smackers Lip Balms - I used to be obsessed with the mega balms this brand used to do, they were huge and literally got balm all over my face. My personally favourite back in the day had to be Watermelon, sticky, sweet and oh so very 90's.

Stick On Earrings - I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby so along with a few friends we used to chip in our pocket money, head to Claire's each weekend and buy fake belly button rings. Sometimes they looked real, more often than not they were fashioned out of stick on earrings. Sticking one on my nose wasn't totally unheard of either. I blame Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears frankly. There was also that annoying trend of diamanté, they were on everything! Clothes, shoes, surfaces you name it. Does anyone recall those silly diamanté body tattoo's? Did I mention I hate diamanté?

Hair Mascara - I mean really? Two big crunchy face framing electric blue streaks, set of nicely with a black chocker, crop top and baggy jeans. Oh you style icon you.

As you can probably tell my childhood was a little colourful and glitter based.
Never mind in twenty years or so we will be reliving the naughty's and laughing at how seriously we took eyebrows and Kim Kardashian's contouring skills. Mark my words.