Isle of Skye Candle Company Sleep Sensation

I'm not sure if the Isle of Sky Candle Company quite qualify as your typical "Indie" company as they do have two stores - one on the Isle of Skye (of course) and one in Edinburgh which I am going to visit so very soon. However as a Scottish brand I figure they certainly are lesser known which is a shame as the products are of great quality (natural Soya Wax which is not only good for your lungs but for the environment as well as offering a cleaner burn) and a family owned and created brand.

The Isle of Skye Candle Company five candle sizes from dinky travel candles, votive's and even air fresheners in sixteen scents in total. I am a little obsessed with any product that promises to help promote a better nights sleep so it is of little surprise that I have Isle of Skye Candle Company Sleep Sensation. Unlike most sleep based scents this is not your typical lavender blend rather it uses such sleepy note and combines it with grapefruit and tea tree. I was a little sceptical as on paper that doesn't really sound all that appealing but in person it is rather beautiful. The best way to describe the fragrance is dreamy yet uplifting. It is neither dusty nor fruity rather it is relaxing and soothing, I can't think of a better scent to sit curled up with a book in the evening. Will it make you fall off to sleep as soon as you light it? No but show me a candle that will!

What I'm sure most will want to know is what is the scent throw like?
Incredible is the answer, within an hour my entire home was filled with the sleep notes of Isle of Skye Candle Company Sleep Sensation and lingered for a good few hours too. It isn't overpowering yet is noticeable and that is all I ever ask for. If you are looking for beautiful, hand poured soya candles the Isle of Skye Candle Company is definitely a brand to investigate!

You can view all the candles and scents here - link.
This post contains a press sample.