Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle

Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle

It is raining cats and dogs outside (I forever mean to look up the origin of such saying) here in Glasgow despite being mid-July. It feels more like Autumn than Summer but at least it isn't humid unlike the rest of the UK! To chase away those Summer blues I have been burning Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle...

Do you recall Strawberry split ice lollies? An outer shell of sweet strawberry ice covering a creamy vanilla centre? Well replace the Strawberry with Orange and this is exactly what this smells like. Apparently Orange Dreamsicle Ice Lollies are a thing in the US, I really must track one down next time I visit.

Yankee Orange Dreamsicle is a sweet combination of orange and vanilla, on paper it doesn't sound like something that could or should work but yet it does. I'm not typically a fan of orange scents, I find they can quickly turn synthetic or simply be too overpowering yet Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle manages to be bright and mellow at the same time. It is creamy yet not rich, refreshing yet not tart in the slightest. It is one of those few Summer scents you can burn all day long, yes you will notice it when you enter the room but it won't over power. 

I'm hoping for a few dry and bright nights here in Glasgow so I can dine outside with this candle taking centre court. I'm thinking, pasta, wine and lots of laughs! Who needs a BBQ!

Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle will launch on Yankee Candle this coming Monday (21st of July) for £19.99 and for a limited time only. You can find it here - link.

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