Gah I can't believe my birthday was three months ago today - this year is moving far too quickly!
Before I tell you about how I have started checking for grey hairs (true story, I found none!) let me share my weekly favourites...

My skin is a mess, I can't make up my mind what is doing it - the London pollution (in Glasgow I stay in a fairly suburban area) or the air conditioning on the train back and forth to the big smoke? Either way my skin ain't loving it and I have never been so spotty in all my adult years. Rather than caking my skin in heavy foundation I have been relying on NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer which gives enough coverage yet allows my skin to breathe and heal. This is the only tinted moisturiser I have ever enjoyed using, if you are looking for a great Summer base that suits all skin types (yes even oily skins) this is a good one to try.

At the moment powder formula's feel heavy on my skin so I've been wearing cream blush more often than not and a current favourite is the yet to launch Bourjois Sun Blush in Sun 05 Pink Sunwear. The bronze come pink shade really brightens my skin, adds a light flush of colour and wears so well. I can not recommend it enough. It has been the same approach for my eye make-up for day wear it has been bear lids with lots of mascara and come night fall it has been a quick slick of Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow in Earth. This cream to powder formula is wonderful - it quickly sets, doesn't crease and has the most wonderful pigmentation. I have quite a deep shade but rest assure that once they launch there is plenty of lighter, more day appropriate hues to choose from. 

My lips have been really dry and prone to cracking lately - between my spots and this I really am one sexy beast! As much as I love matte lipstick now really is not the time so I have found that tinted balms are the way forward. At the moment I have been getting a lot of use out of NYC Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Colour Lip Crayon in Park Slope Peach, a light peachy coral that is slightly glossy and moisturising. I like that the shade goes with everything make-up wise and reminds me a lot of MAC Peachstock Lipstick. At £3.49 it is an utter bargain. A shout out also goes to Kadalys Banana Balm for helping to soothe and repair my cracked lips - not to mention it smells delicious.

Two last favourites both of which are long wearing! First up we have The Body Shop Perfume Oil in Fijian Water Lotus, it is light, refreshing and aquatic - basically all you want from a Summer fragrance. Some scents combined with heat and what not can make me feel sick or even give me a sore head but not this. Even if you don't like this scent I thoroughly recommend checking out The Body Shop Perfume Oil's in general as they really are fantastic in terms of longevity. If like myself you hate painting your nails and don't have time to go to a nail salon on demand then you really need to try the Red Carpet Manicure system - basically an at home gel manicure kit. At the moment I have been wearing Wild Berry Diva - a light, lilac come pink shade. I am now on five days of chip free wear. I highly recommend the kit if like myself you'd really rather not paint your nails daily! 

What have you been enjoying lately?