Sunday, July 13, 2014

ScentChips Review

ScentChips UK

Last week I popped along to the Pegasus Beauty Showcase and had a good ol' nosey at the new launches, without giving away too much I suggest keeping an eye out for new products from both Witch Skin Care and Collection. The one stand (will aside from the Chapstick Pick n Mix counter) that caught my eye the most was Scent Chips...

ScentChips UK

A beautiful huge stand of cute little leave shaped wax chips, for a home fragrance junkie this was more appetising than the sweetie line up. When I say wax chips don't worry the ScentChips aren't teeny tiny - they are only a little smaller than your typical wax tart and the reason for that is that they have been designed to be combined. How many times have you wished to create your own bespoke scent but really don't want to fork out for several wax tarts or candles to do so? 

Lots is my guess, well with ScentChips this is totally achievable as there is well over fifty scents to choose from all of which can be burned solo or combined to create a scent unique to you. As they are a little smaller than the likes of a Yankee Wax Tart I do recommend burning at least two chips at a time, maybe more if you have a larger room. Don't get me wrong the ScentChips are really well scented but in my experience a single chip doesn't quite have the scent throw I personally like, however if you only like mild hints of fragrance that could well work for you. From what I can recall at the showcase you select your size of box all of which have a standard price i.e the small box is £3.95 and pay, a lot like some pick n mix stands ha. 

ScentChips UK

As mentioned there are over fifty fragrances to choose from but here is what I tried out:
Rain - A fresh, green yet aquatic scent.
Gardenia - A light, fresh, white floral, very clean.
Sandalwood - I can't quite place this, not as strong or heedy as your typical sandalwood scent.
Sunflower - Beautiful - floral but bright and cheery.
Vanilla - Creamy, rich and not sugary sweet.
Blossom - A musky, generic floral scent, great for combining with other chips to add a little depth.

Needless to say I am utterly obsessed!
At the moment they can be found in selected Holland and Barrett stores but should be rolled out more nationwide soon and hopefully go online too.

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