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Superdrug Essentials

Superdrug Essentials

We all pop into Superdrug and Boots more times than we care to admit but what do you purchase regularly? What products have you bought constantly for as long as you can recall? Here are the three products that I purchase at least once and month and why...

Superdrug Essentials

To know me is to know that I like a good coating of self tan or two but I don't actually like to look all that dark. Naturally I have a slight yellow tinge to my skin which sometimes can make me ill so I like to warm my complexion a little to avoid the never ending questions such as "Are you okay?". The same happens if I don't wear make-up, talk about a kick in the teeth. Anyway back to self tanning, since I was a teenager I have bought several bottles of Superdrug Solait Wear Off Tinted Bronzing Mousse in Light to Medium. The tinted mousse formula not only means that it dries in seconds (which it does) but it also means it is super easy to apply, the guide colour makes it less likely for you to end up with streaks as you can see where you have applied. Genius. The end colour is light but golden, with maintenance (a little scrub in the shower daily) I can easily achieve 5 days of wear. Not bad for a fiver huh? At the moment it is currently on offer for £2.98 - link.

Superdrug Essentials

I hate chipped nails, especially if it is my toenails so I am one of those weirdo's that always has a pack of nail polish remover pads in their bag, along with a pair of socks. One day I will do a What's In My Bag video and you will see just how peculiar a person I really am. Anyway yeah nail polish removing pads, something along with face wipes that I won't pay through the nose for. I can't tell you how many packs of Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads my household has went through. I once bought them by mistake (I used to by loyal to Quickies - mind out of the gutter please) and have remained loyal ever since. I like that the Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads remove nail polish in seconds but don't have a strong scent nor do they dry out my nails. One pad does both hands, well unless it is black or glitter polish. At £1.39 you really can't beat them. Find the Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads here - link.

Superdrug Essentials

Lastly we have facial wipes. Quelle horror! Okay, okay they aren't the best thing for your skin but hear me out. I do try to not purchase face wipes, it is a case of I don't own them I won't use them and can't be encouraged to be lazy. Having said that I do like to keep a pack in my handbag for travel and in-case my eyes water due to hayfever or or it is a particularly sticky day. Okay face wipes may not be the best thing around but you have to admit they do come in handy be it wiping train tables, hands or quickly mopping your skin in the heat. Yep a pack will always be in my bag. I like really wet wipes, ones that don't tug or pull on my skin and can remove eye make-up. My sister introduced me to Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes not so long ago and I have to say as far as facial wipes go they aren't half bad. Would I use them daily or solely to remove my make-up? Heck no but it is nice to know that they are in my bag should I need them and my skin won't go crazy should I dare wipe one across my face. Oh and they are a snip at 99p - link.

What products do you find make it into your basket continuously?
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  1. love using the nail polish removing pads :)

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