Revolution Pro Fix amazing Make Up Fixing Spray

Have you tried Urban Decay All Nighter Spray?
Or have you thought about purchasing it only to be put off by the price?
Well Revolution Pro Fix amazing Make Up Fixing Spray may be the answer and the best part is that it only costs £5 for 100ml!

"The ultimate product In Makeup Revolution’s Professional range.
Used by professionals and for everyday use to keep your make-up in place all day long. Our formula will protect your make-up against heat & humidity, cold, and windy conditions, and however your skin reacts this will help your make stay perfect for up to 8 hours."

To use you simply mist the Revolution Pro Fix amazing Make Up Fixing Spray over your make-up as the last step in your routine. The idea is that by doing so it will set everything from powder to cream formulations. To begin with the mist can feel a little tacky on the skin so do let it absorb fully, due to this reason I tend to avoid applying lip products until I have used said spray. I will be honest in saying that it does have a strong alcohol scent that not everyone will enjoy and with daily use it could dry the skin out. However for special occasions i.e a night out when you want or need your make-up to stay in place for a prolonged period it is ideal. 

Does Revolution Pro Fix amazing Make Up Fixing Spray keep make-up in place? In a word yes but it won't prevent oily skin from becoming oily nor make-up from caking or oxidising. If you have a great foundation but find that the humidity is really taking it's toll on the base this is the product you want. It also to a degree prevented my mascara from smudging which is my main problem each and every summer.

For £5 I can't really fault the Revolution Pro Fix amazing Make Up Fixing Spray.
You can find it here - link.

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