MAC The Simpsons Marge Simpson Collection - Colour Story

MAC I love you. No I really do. Ask anyone I am real MAC girl but man this collection has let me down. I grew up watching The Simpsons and still chuckle at the odd episode or two and really expected big things from the MAC Marge Simpson Collection. I hoped for a lipstick or two, solo eyeshadows and generally a little more than what is on offer but hey this is just me! Here is what is in store for us when the MAC The Simpsons Collection touches down this coming September!

MAC The Simpsons Marge Simpson Collection - Colour Story

Nacho Cheese Explosion - Lime yellow
Grand Pumpkin - Bright coral
Red Blazer - Bright fuchsia
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy - Blue violet
That Trillion Dollar Look Quad
Lisa’s spikes - Lime green (Frost)
Apple squished - Kelly green (Frost)
2 dozen and one greyhounds - Olive green (Veluxe pearl)
Chalkboard dreams - Blackened teal (Velvet) 

Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad
Harpooned heart - Light pink (Lustre)
Sexy PB & J - Mid-tone violet (Veluxe pearl)
Beehive blue - Mid-tone blue (Veluxe pearl)
Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag - Navy (Frost)

Powder Blush
Pink sprinkles - Light blue pink (Satin)
Side spray - Light peach coral (Satin)

False Eyelashes
7 lash - natural length (Re-promote)

There is also nail wraps which I oddly love but know I will not be able to apply them correctly!

What do we think? A little meh