#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso Review

I don't ever want to be a book reviewer (is that even a real thing?). As much as I like to pretend I'm the deep, intellectual, brooding type - the only person I'm fooling is myself. Einstein I am not, why is Albert Einstein the bench mark for genius? Why don't we say Newton I am not or Madam Curie I am not? Anyway I digress one thing I do know is blogging and wither you like it or not blogging has become a business. A big business and I for one constantly look for new ways to better myself as a blogger (not as a person as I'm pretty rad in that aspect...kidding!) and have bought a few books along the way. I'll level most are utter crap, full of half baked philosophies that belong on Pinterest, that site is a different kind of evil. It hooks you in with all its pretty photos and makes you yearn for a craft room and door wreath. I live in a 2 bed flat in Glasgow. Ain't nobody around here got time for that! Basically what I am saying is that a motivational "business" book that isn't a giant cliché is hard to find, let alone enjoy and yet I plodded along nicely with #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.

Now don't get me wrong #Girlboss isn't without its faults and it isn't the meatiest when it comes to actual strategies to get you ahead and a lot of it really is common sense applied i.e Sophia Amoruso believes in treating everyone in the workplace nicely - 'cause no-one wants to be the office biatch. Okay I'm paraphrasing a little but just don't be that guy. There are other nuggets of advice such as how to live within your means which is something that struck a chord as I'm sure like many people my age, I live for today (hashtag YOLO! No?). Fun at the time, depressing when you realise that if you don't buck your ideas that mortgage may be further away than you realised. The great thing about #Girlboss is that it reads easy, it has been wrote in a way that it is enjoyable and doesn't feel like a heavy marketing text book. Oh university you were a cruel place and time. 

As a blogger this book really didn't offer all that much to me in terms of advice but what it did do was give me a swift kick up the arse. Get ready to select your pretty font and kitten photo as I am about to deliver a sucker punch of a cliché. Sometimes I do know what I am doing or where I am going with blogging but I do know that I love it and I am one of the few ladies out there who is lucky enough to call it my profession. Crazy! After reading #Girlboss I mentally said to myself that it was time to buck up my ideas, improve and do the things that I have said I would and ultimately haven't. Do I want to be a millionaire? Nah I don't - that is too much responsibility and paying tax on that would end me (sorry HMRC) but I do want to maintain this site and take it on to bigger and better things. Oh and Youtube. Yes Youtube, the top of the to do list. Life is a little manic until October but buggar it come October I am going to sit in front of that camera and let you guys into my life or make-up bag. Potato. Potatoe. Oh and that the only person that can make this happen is me. I believe they call that the double whammy of banal expressions? 

#Girlboss isn't life changing nor will it turn you into Alan Sugar overnight but it might just make you buck up your ideas and realise that ambition is a great driver. Oh get me with the sugary sweet ending. 

You can find #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso via Amazon for £10.49 - link