Flamingo Candles High Tea Collection

Flamingo Candles have just launched a new collection of five new and utterly scrumptious scents as part of their High Tea collection. Think refreshing blends of lemon mellowed out with tea notes and a few sweet fragrances - what would high tea be without a slice of cake after all! I have two of the new additions...

I don't normally touch on the packaging of candles because more often than not it is a case of what you see if what you get. The Flamingo Candle jars are just so pretty that I urge you to clean out your jar once the candle is finished and re-purpose it. I have three in my bathroom to prettily display cotton buds and cotton pads. I also spray painted the black lids white to blend into the room's colour scheme, my friend uses hers to store make-up brushes.  

Flamingo Candles High Tea Collection

Now on to the scents, I have Darjeeling Tea which is bright and cheery with an intense scent throw. Notes include lush green leaves, bergamot and may chang with a base of musk, amber and dry tea leaves. It is a complex fragrance that smells unlike anything out there - it does have a tea element but is surprisingly refreshing. A very difficult scent to pin point but perfect for an evening curled up on the couch watching a film or two even in the warm summer months.

I also have Lemon Curd which smells exactly how you'd imagine - bright, zesty, sweet and very lemony. I personally love lemon based fragrances so this is right up my street. I have tried lots of lemon candles and have to say this has the most impressive scent throw, an hour or so of burning fills my entire house with the sweet lemon aroma and it lingers for a good few hours too. If like myself you find some lemon based scents to be too artificial (I once had one that was a dead ringer for washing up liquid...lovely) this is the lemon home fragrance for you - it smells identical to Lemon Curd. Impressive non?

You can find the entire Flamingo Candles High Tea Collection (£2-£12) here - link.

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