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New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014 Review

New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014

As the title suggests coming very, very soon (I'm talking days not months) two new shades of the ever loved Bourjois Cream Blush - let's say hello to the Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014.

New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014
New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014

Much like the original Bourjois Little Round Pots of Blush the new Bourjois Sun Cream Blush range come presented within small, circular, flip top plastic compacts that are colour coordinated to match the shade inside. Only this time around they are slightly flatter (they don't have to accommodate a doom shaped blush)but still have the usual touches such as a mirror inside. Compact, sturdy and pretty just what you want from any cosmetic item, no complaints from me what so ever!

New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014
New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014

The two shades of the new Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014 are: 05 Pink Sunwear which is a dusky, illuminating nude pink shade. It has a slight radiance quality which means it isn't completely matte but it is glitter free! On the skin it has a soft, semi-matte finish which looks entirely natural on the skin. Finish aside this reminds me of Benefit Dallas Blush in terms of colour and as it is fairly neutral it should suit most light to medium complexions, it is a little too light for deep skin tones. If like myself you gravitate towards anything coral bases Bourjois Sun Cream Blush in 06 Tropical Coral should be on your hit list. Unlike 99.9% of coral hues out there this has a strong brown leaning which results in the shade giving a sun kissed yet warm flush of colour yet it has a bright kick thanks to the coral base. I own nothing at all comparable and fully recommend adding it to your stash for that reason alone. Again this probably will be a little too stark for deep complexions but would make a great nude lipstick for such skin tones.

New Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes For Summer 2014

Enough about the shades and on to the formula! Each shade has a firm but easy to use and blend out texture - firm enough that it doesn't turn to a gloopy mess yet soft enough that it instantly picks up on to a brush or fingertips. Speaking of texture once on the skin it blends out with such ease, with a light almost gel like consistency that is not sticky in the slightest - perfect for the warmer months when all you want is something light and comfortable on the skin.The beauty of Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes is that you can wear them sheer or build up in layers for a more intense finish without it ever looking heavy or turning ashen like a powder product. Although some shades have been listed as matte I don't really find that to be true, no they don't contain any traces of shimmer but they do have a slight dewy finish which isn't true of a matte product. As these are cream blushes you can really get bang for your buck but doubling them up as lip colours, I know I have. I'm sure most know by now that I have oily skin well rest assure that even on my slippery skin the Bourjois Sun Cream Blushes wear for at least 6 hours before beginning to fade. You can also use these on the lips as a pretty matte lipstick which is long lasting. At £7.99 they are a complete snip and I 100% recommend checking them out once they launch.

Are you excited for Bourjois Summer Collection 2014?

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