Birchbox July 2014

Sun, sea and I wish that was the case today. Rain, rain and more rain is the menu here in Glasgow! Putting a little sunshine in my life is this months Birchbox which theme is funnily enough Sun, Sea and Sand, in my opinion the goodies inside are perfect for a trip away both in purpose and size.
Look away now if you don't want any spoilers!

Birchbox July 2014

First up we have a beautiful peach come coral chubby lip crayon - Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in the shade Bee's Knees. Admitedly the term lube made me giggle a little but then again I have the mental age of a 15 year old boy (sorry lads!). Name aside the colour is perfect for the summer - a light, yellow toned neutral coral that should suit most skin tones. The formula is moisturising and non-sticky, no it isn't the most pigmented - think of it as a tinted balm but it is a nifty size of popping in a pocket or beach bag!

Next up we have a mini tube of Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo which I have tried in the past, I will say now the scent won't be for everyone but if you want a gentle but highly cleansing shampoo it is well worth trying out. It is worth mentioning that it is both natural and organic in origin which is never a bad thing.

How many times have you got to a hotel, saw the large bathtub and thought dang I wish I packed a bubble bath? No just me? Well I now have a mini tube of the aquatic fragranced Gilchrist & Soames Mineral Bath Gel to pop in my travel case. It lightly foams, smells great and has both antioxidant and moisturising properties. Would I purchase a full sized tube? Probably not but it is nice enough none the less.

Are you keen to experience a new brand? Let's say hello to Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter, Whish are an American beauty brand which remind me a little of Victoria Secret's Pink bath and body line. I'm not the hugest fan of lavender scents but I will say that the texture is lovely - light, quick to absorb and non-greasy as well as being paraben and sulfrate free. The scent may not be for me but the brand is on my radar and I will try and seek it out when I hit the States later this year.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream how I love thee! I regularly have a tube of this eye cream on the go, it soothes and heals the skin yet is moisturising with anti-ageing benefits at the same time. If ever there was an all singing and dancing eye cream it would be this. It doesn't cost the earth, a little goes a long way, it suits all skin types and ages and can be worn under make-up. Basically everyone should own a tube!

Lastly we have Ultradex Oral Spray...mmm minty! Kidding! I honestly don't ever use this kind of product, I'm more of a chewing gum kinda gal. Breath refresher sprays just seem so dated don't they?

Some hits, some misses but lots of new brands to discover and the sizes are perfect for travel.
It may not be my favourite box to date but I can't say I have anything to complain about - breathe spray aside ha!

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