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The One With All the Samples...

The One With All the Samples

No not press samples but dinky little tubes of product that I have received in orders, free with magazines and in the likes of Glossybox et al. Are luxury sized samples a good thing? I'd say so, first of all more often than not they are free and should allow you to try a new product out a few times before deciding if said item is for your or not. On the flip side it can result in you shelling out major bucks on a product you had no previous interest in. Isn't that always the way? Anyway here are a few mini reviews of deluxe samples I have been trailing in the past few weeks...

The One With All the Samples

First up I have an exclusive sneak peek of a new Lush product which has yet to hit the stores but can be found online -Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser. From the get go I knew I'd love this - a luxuriously created (it contains evening primrose oil, shea butter, jojoba, honey and lavender oil) hydrating yet light moisturising cream that not only contains an SPF30 but gives the skin a beautiful glow. Said glow is because Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser contains a dollop product of a favourite product of mine - Lush Feeling Younger. This wears well under make-up but in my opinion this is the perfect moisturiser for taking away on an exotic holiday when make-up is not the order of the day and all you want is soft glowing skin. At £32.50 it is by far one of Lush's most expensive products but it is rather dreamy. You can find the full size here. 

The One With All the Samples

Speaking of glowing skin MAC Strobe Cream gets my vote, no it doesn't contain an SPF but it mixes so well with heavy foundations to create a sheer, glowing complexion. This is a little heavier than the aforementioned Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser but works better with make-up. You can apply a little of this over make-up as a liquid highlighter or on your body to add a little radiance. This creates a soft, almost oyster pink glow to the skin and does so delicately - there is no large shimmer particles making it great for those with enlarged pores etc. You can find the full size here.

I am no stranger to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors but this is the first time that I have reached for the shade Opal. A light highly reflective sheer golden tone that is perfect for medium skin tones. Unlike the MAC Strobe Cream or even the Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser I use this as a stand alone highlighter. I like to take a little on a flat topped brush and use dabbing motions to blend out over my cheekbones. I find Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors to be the most forgiving yet shimmery highlighters out there - they add radiance, are shimmer based yet don't sit in my enlarged pores. In a word amazing. Yes a full sized bottle is pricey but a little goes a long, long way. You can find the full size here.

The One With All the Samples

I have complained in the longest while about my dehydrated skin but I have to say that Radical Skin Care Hydrating Cleanser has been a saving grace. This creamy cleanser quickly melts off all traces of make-up. grime and general dirt in one step. Not to mention it tones and hydrates too. It is one of the few cleansers I own that currently doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. At £30 it isn't cheap but I truly expected it to cost more for a full sized tube. Come pay day a bottle will be winging its way to me! You can find the full size here.

The One With All the Samples

Lastly I have three mini Aromatherapy Associates products: Renewing Rose Cleanser, Triple Rose Rewnewing Moisturiser and Rose Face Mask. All three are thoroughly hydrating - the renewing moisturiser instantly absorbs into the skin and in my experience calms and soothes the skin which is always lovely in this weather. The cleanser does just what a good cleanser should do - removes all traces of the day without stripping the skin but didn't quite blow me away. The face mask is divine - a light and cooling gel that hydrates the skin instantly. I think it would be perfect for a long haul flight! You can find all the full sizes here.

Have you bought any products recently based on trying a sample?
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  1. I have just joined glossybox so soon I hope to get some small samples and even do a blog response to this one! :)


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