The Classic Wet Brush

As someone with long, thick, dry and unfortunately tangle prone hair I will try just about anything to make washing easier. Long time readers of this blog will know that I am a fan of the now cult hair tool that is the Tangle Teezer and still am, I tend to use the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash which has been designed for wet hair or in the shower. Compared to a normal comb or brush combined with leave in conditioner nothing quite detangles like it but I do wish it was a little easier to grasp - enter The Wet Brush...

The thing that put me off ever purchasing or trying a Wet Brush is the fact that since I was old enough to take care of my own hair it has been drummed into me that you simply don't brush wet hair. Why? Well wet hair is fragile and a typical hair brush is simply too harsh and could result in breakages, split ends and general damage. The last time I went to the hairdressers (it has been a while, if you could only see my root regrowth. Woof!) my stylist produced a wet brush after washing my hair and just like that I was converted. I will put off visiting the hairdresser for as long as possible simply because I find getting my wet hair combed out at the hairdresser torturous. I was expecting the brush to be rough on my wet hair but the truth is it glided through my wet and tangled locks with ease and made detangling a dream not to mention that it is far easier to grip on to when dripping wet from a shower. 

Like most I did fear that this would damage my hair but unlike a typical hairbrush the bristles are soft, flexible and kind on the hair. I can't quite place how or why this works but it does. My hair doesn't appear to be any more damaged than before and the way I look at it is if many salons are using the wet brush in place of a comb it can't be all that damaging? The only thing I dislike about the Wet Brush is that it is a cushioned brush for comfort which can make it a little more time consuming to clean in comparison to an all plastic Tangle Teezer. As that is my only complaint I'd say we are on to a winner and taming those tangles just got a whole lot easier! If you have tangle prone hair this the best £10 or so you will spend.

The Classic Wet Brush £11.99 via Cult Beauty -link.
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