Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection

Are you ready for a history lesson? Well Penhaligon's is an English perfume house, one of the oldest as a matter of fact and was in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon. Penhaligon began his working life as a Cornish barber until he upped sticks and moved to London. He later became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria. Pretty cool huh? It will probably come of little surprise that Penhaligon's fragrances veer on the pricey side (royal approval don't come cheap) but if you want a taste of luxury the Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection could be the way to go.

Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection

Every product under the sun looks so much cuter and dare I say it appealing in miniature form doesn't it? Who wouldn't want four beautiful apothecary style miniature glass bottle of fragrance each complete with their own tassel on their dresser? Also if you are as selective as I happen to be the mini bottles allow you to sample and dip into each fragrance when you want without committing to a large bottle. The Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection contains four of the brands best selling scents which include: Artemisia, Lily of the Valley, Ellenisia & Malabah.

Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection

Artemisia - This is a strong yet clean floral that has a slight powdery quality and was created in 2012. It smells unlike anything else I own or have tested for that matter. In my opinion it is best suited for night wear as it is fairly intense. Notes include green apples, nectarines, jasmine tea, violet, cyclamen and lily petals, finished with a hint of spice.

Lily of the Valley - Simply put this smells exactly how you'd imagine - just like lilies. It does have a slight green note and is very long wearing on my skin. If you like lily fragrances this is for you.

Ellenisia - An unexpected favourite, this is so easy to wear. Bright yet soft and a must for any vanilla fan. Some vanilla fragrances can veer a little musky but not Ellenisia it is so fresh and unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Notes include sweet plum, vanilla, violet and mandarin, softened with scented petals.

Malabah - This is not at all my type of fragrance so rather than do it any in justice I will leave you withe the official description. "Created in 2003, Malabah was inspired by an imaginary journey along the East Indian spice route. The opening notes of citrus, green coriander and smoky earl grey tea give way to a heart of sublime rose, ginger and aromatic spices. The soft base introduces orris, sweet musks and amber to create a luscious and sensual experience." I'd imagine if you lean towards spice based scents then this would be one you'd enjoy.

You can find the rather sweet Penhaligon's Ladies Fragrance Collection here for £29.99 - link
This post contains a press sample.