Clarins The Beauty Society

Now this is an interesting concept and one that I feel most readers of this blog and general beauty lovers will enjoy - Clarins The Beauty Society. Most know that I am huge Clarins fan so to see a favourite brand of mine get more involved with its very loyal fan base I couldn't not mention it so we can all join in...

Essentially Clarins The Beauty Society is an online forum which you of course join - it is really easy basically all you need is your email address, D.O.B and name. Bish bash bosh. I have just joined under the guise thesundaygirl - a lot of thought went into my username...clearly. Once you have done that you are free to start new topics, join in existing conversations, enter exclusive competitions (currently you can win £200 to spend at a Clarins Spa) and of course write reviews be it on a product, service or experience. 

It is fun, positive and a knowledgeable environment so if you are a beauty nut head over to and join in. Lord knows I need all the tips and tricks I can garner!

I was not compensated nor encouraged to write this post, I am simply a fan of both the brand and concept.