Avon Strand Strength Leave in Treatments Collection

Maybe I am getting a little long in the tooth (hello mid twenties how nice to see you) but I can recall a time when just about every hair care brand offered a leave in conditioner or de-tangling spray of some kind?
My first ever memories of such products happen to be the L'Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer Spray and my granny gently teasing knots out of my young hair, that I insisted be kept waist length. Now I am hard pushed in the likes of Boots or Superdrug to find a leave in mist, the are there just few and far between. My neighbour is an Avon Lady so when I saw they had a range of Apricot and Shea leave in hair products I ordered there and then...

From what I have gathered from what I can recall from the brochure online the Avon Strand Strength Leave in Treatments have been created to not only smooth the hair follicle, de-tangle but also strengthen the hair's cortex over time and with continued use. It should also prevent and minimise breakage from brushing and combing. Really that is all I look for from a leave in hair treatment, don't get me wrong a little heat protection wouldn't go a miss but at £1.25 who can complain?

The current offer on the Avon Strand Strength Leave in Treatments and entire Naturals range is four products for £5 so I bought one of each leave in treatment to see which would best suit my needs. If you have really dry hair that laps up product I recommend the original Avon Strand Strength Leave in Treatment. This is a super duty, intensely moisturising product that really does quench even the driest of hair types. If you plan to jet off somewhere warm this summer and worry about what the sun, sand and sea will do to your hair this is the treatment to pack. Personally I would slap it on wet hair while sunbathing to protect and deeply nourish my hair in on quick step. I will admit that it is not the best detangler and if you apply to much product it can leave your hair feeling crisp. If like myself it is tangles and knots that get you down then I recommend Avon Strand Strength Detangling Spray, this has a finer, lighter texture and more of a slip meaning it is easier to pull a comb through your hair. I mist this on damp hair, leave for around 20 minutes and then begin combing out any knots, combined with a Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush it really makes a tedious task easy. The down side is of course that this isn't as nourishing as the original treatment but you could combine both if needed? In a word it is as good as any other de-tangling spray I have tried but the plus side is that it smells fantastic!

You can find the entire Avon Strand Strength Leave in Collection here - link