Tory Burch EDP

I can recall turning 20 and feeling like I had made it in the world as I had saved up enough money from my job to purchase a pair of Tory Burch flats. Yeah I didn't make it in the world and have yet to but there is something so luxurious and dare I say it preppy glam about the whole Tory Burch brand that I can't help but feel drawn to the new cosmetic line. Oddly my favourite item has to be Tory Burch EDP, the cosmetics? You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to hear my thoughts on them!

I have learned that the Tory Burch EDP packaging is based on bottles Tory herself used to admire (and I'm guessing steal a spray of too) of her mother's perfume collection. Old school glam quintessentially which I feel has been achieved, I also like the slightly Moroccan, art deco twist too which is evident throughout the whole beauty line. One thing that is for sure this is not a collection you will stash away, it is one for pride of place on your dresser.

"The first fragrance from Tory Burch captures classic elements in unexpected ways. Feminine and tomboy, it blends floral peony and tuberose with crisp citrus notes of grapefruit and neroli, anchored by earthy vetiver. This bright and complex mix is presented in a super-chic glass bottle with a signature fretwork top."

How can I quite sum up Tory Burch EDP? Without coming across to Cover Girl (thanks Tyra Banks) but it is easy and breezy to wear. Think of casual chic, you have put in a little effort but not overdone it. The cool, slightly dishevelled girl on the train? Have I lost you? Tory Burch EDP is a light, uplifting floral that is clean with a mild zingy fruity note, a suit all occasion fragrance. It is one of those scents that smells unlike anything else I own but familiar at the same time. Classic, cool Americana in a bottle. Yep I lost myself on the last one too.

You can find Tory Burch EDP via Harrods (exclusive) £60-£80 - link.

- This post contains a press sample.