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Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow Haulin'

Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow

Can four things constitute a haul?
Probably not but somehow "Here are four things I bought from Lush" didn't make for a catchy title.
As you may be aware fellow Glaswegian and surrounding peeps that Lush on Buchanan Street has upped sticks but you needn't worry as it is literally on the other side of the road, facing the old premises.
The new store is utterly beautifully, much larger and has been designed to suit the needs of the Glaswegian shopper - yes really. Gone are the two floors you may have been accustom to and in is one large floor space which features stunning reclaimed wood everywhere. It has a very homely, welcoming vibe and the lay out means come a Saturday afternoon when the shop is rammed you should have more space than normal to pursue the aisles. You can see a few images of the new store on my instagram - link but if you are local I urge you to take a trip down and see it for yourself. Now on to the goodies...

Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow

Oh hair, why must you be so fickle. Since I have went blonde I have tried a good few toning shampoo's all of which have a deep violet tint to counteract any brassiness. Some work, some don't but mostly they leave my hair feeling dried out. After a long chat with a lovely lush employee she urged me to try out Lush Daddy-O which has been created for blonde locks. Truthfully I didn't need much encouragement as it smells divine - like crushed violets (violet lead absoulte). I have tried this once so obviously I will stick with it for a few more uses and do a full report at a later date but what I do like about this shampoo is how gentle it is on the hair and scalp. My hair is now past my *ahem* boobies so it it very long and can be fragile, yes I want to keep my blonde bright but not if it means drying out the ends of my hair. If you are looking for a "silver" shampoo for blonde hair I would certainly give this a whirl. I can imagine I will go back for the large bottle very soon.

Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow

While we are on the topic of hair...I couldn't pick up a shampoo and not neglect the conditioners, that would just be rude. Don't laugh but I settled on Lush American Cream purely for the name, I'm a little obsessed with Americana but once I heard exactly what this conditioner could do I was sold. Essentially this is a double strength conditioner (the consistency is described as being milkshake thick, yum) that is light weight so it would leave the hair feeling lank or overwhelmed. What I like about this conditioner besides the delightful strawberry and cream scent is that you don't need to leave it on the hair an age to reap the benefits. I have literally only used this once and slapped it on the ends of my hair in a hurry, I kid you not when I say I'm lucky if it had 30 seconds to work its magic and boy it did. Smoother hair? Check. Softer hair? Check. Easier to comb and style? Check. Basically full sized bottle come to mama!

Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow

On Friday I meet the utterly stunning Charlotte Howe who is in-fact the colour expert and general all round make-up expert for Lush UK. Charlotte very kindly talked me through the entire make-up line, explained the concept as well as dishing out lots of tips. One product that I feel head over heels for is Lush Feeling Younger Face Tint which is one of the prettiest shell pink cream highlighters you will ever own. This lightweight cream reflects the light and leaves the skin glowing. It is the closest I will get to supermodel skin that is for sure!

Lush Buchanan Street Glasgow

Lastly I have Lush Cupcake Face Mask which may look a little grim in the tub but it smells good enough to eat, pretty much identical to a chocolate brownie which I would kill for at this very moment. This is a deep cleansing mask that is great for blemish prone skin as it will draw out all impurities, as it has a slightly gritty texture it also gently exfoliates the skin in the removal process. I have again only used this once and will do a full review soon but I can say that so far, so good - my skin feels softer and smoother. Hopefully after a few more tries my skin will be blemish free. Fingers crossed!

I also have lots of Lush Summer 2014 goodies to share in the coming days!
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  1. Feeling Younger is one of my secret weapons in my everyday routine and in my professional kit, I can't live without it!



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