Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner

Calling all fellow lazy guys and gal's Lush have a new product that makes moisturising the skin a breeze. Let me be the one to introduce you to the genius Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner. An in shower body conditioner that is a breeze to use and best of all leaves the skin silky soft. Winner? I think so.

I have to be honest and say that I am a little disappointed with the scent of Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner, I imagined it to be bright and somewhat fruity but rather it reminds me of Johnson's Baby Lotion. No it is not unpleasant by any means but as said not what I expected. But let's not dwell on that as the ingredients really are skin softening and not to be sniffed at. It contains shea butter to soften the skin - this is what gives the conditioner the thick, luxurious texture and most likely the fragrance too, mango juice has been included to brighten the skin as well as Aloe Vera which will cool and soothe the skin. The combination of the ingredients (most notably the Aloe Vera) make this the perfect Summer skin product particularly if you are a sun seeker as it will put the moisture back into the skin and should you be foolish and become a little red the Aloe Vera with soothe the skin and take the sting out of sunburn (please wear SPF!).

As mentioned this is an easy peasy way to moisturise your skin and really does take the fuss out of soft skin, to use you simply wash as you would in the bath/shower and then apply this all over your body, leave for a few moments, rinse and tah-dah super silky skin. So clever. I know Nivea have a similar product but the Lush version so far seems to be more effective. I find with the Nivea In Shower Body Conditioner that the results are rather temporary, sure it is better than nothing but I want my skin to feel soft all day long not only for a few hours which in my opinon the Lush version does. Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner has been in my shower for a week now and although I use it daily (you condition your hair with every wash so why not your body?) a little goes a long way, I've hardly made a dent in my tub. Reassuring at it is one of Lush's more pricey products coming in at £20 and doubly reassuring that it is not just a gimick it actually works. Bye, bye dry skin.
This lazy gal approves!

Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner £20/ 225g via Lush Stores, it has yet to go online.

- This post contains a press sample.