He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan

Hello I am Adrienne and I am a self tan addict...

It is true, my skin tone is very yellow based - a little like a Simpsons character which means unless on holiday because let's face it Scotland is seldom Sunny I can look ill. When I was born (keep in mind my Mammy is so pale she's almost transparent) the midwife was convinced that I had jaundice. Nope I'm just slightly yellow toned thank you very much. I do tan very easily and go a deep golden brown in the sun but without it I do rely on self tanners and my favourite self tanner is the newly launched He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan.

One of the problems I have experienced with self tanners is that they leak through the tanning mitt and stain my palms which defeats the purpose of using a mitt in the first place! Not He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan - this light, true liquid which is tinted doesn't seep through the mitt and is a dream to apply. The liquid texture means it spreads on to the skin (you barely have to use any product so this bottle will last for an age) with ease as well as drying in record time. As it is tinted you can see where you have applied it resulting in no streaks or patchy areas. It really is a dream of a self tanner.

I have been a fan of He-Shi Self Tanners for quite some while (I rate He-Shi One Day Tan as the best instant self tanner around) as the colour is so natural - no orange tones just a golden tan that develops to compliment your natural skin tone. If cared for one application should wear well for up to 10 days - I tend to apply once a week. Oh but I am forgetting to include the unique selling point of  He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan, much like the name suggests this only needs an hour to develop. It does seem a little to good to be true but it does work - after an hour you will have a natural golden glow, if you want a deeper longer wearing tan I suggest applying before bed. I won't lie although the brand claim that this tanner is fragrance free when developing it does have that typical biscuit like scent. The up side is that you do rinse it off after an hour so I don't find it to be a problem. Unlike some body tanners He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan is suitable for use on the facial area. as it is made from 100% natural DHA, paraben free formulation and contains Vitamin E for anti-ageing properties.

Add He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan to your stash and you'll never have the excuse "Oh I can't come out tonight I've forgotten to self tan"! It really is genius.

He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan £22.50/150ml via Space.NK - link.