Glasgow's Hidden Treasures

Links of London have recently teamed up with The Stylist to create a rather fun campaign - "Hidden Gems".
Now don't worry it is not scavenging and foraying around cities looking for gem stones (although that does have a certain appeal), it all about sharing those lesser known places in your city that you love. Being a beauty blogger I felt it was only fair to share a few hidden gems that will leave you primed and preened, oh and one local eatery because a girl has got to eat!

If like myself you don't really enjoy painting your nails then let my good friend Lia who owns and runs The Swoon Room do it for you. A cosy little salon that is conveniently located in Central Chambers - yep right across the road from Glasgow Central Station. The Swoon Room specialises in Calgel nails which are long lasting, hard wearing but light and kind to the nails gel overlays. Lia is the most talented nail artist in Glasgow in my opinion - don't believe me? Check out her Instagram and constantly full appointment book. Once you've been Swooned all other nails seem boring. Get your appointment now!

Perhaps not entirely lesser known but just about everyone I have raved about their services to have said with surprise "Oh I didn't know Glasgow had one". What am I talking about? The Clarins Spa in Glasgow's House of Fraser. A place of serenity in the midst of arguably one of Glasgow's busiest stores? Don't ask me how it works but it does. Tucked behind the Clarins counter in the House of Fraser is two large glass doors which transport you to the Clarins Spa. Once through such doors you quickly forget that you are in a vast, bustling store and not a countryside retreat. A convenient location meaning you can easily treat yourself to a massage, facial or treatment during your lunch hour or after work. The staff are all so caring and knowledgeable that you will want to move in.

Now for eats, oh the eats! As you may or may not know I am a Glasgow lass through and through but live in the Westend of Glasgow. I do spend a lot of time in the City Center but prefer the Westend. Home is where the heart is and all of that. Since being a little girl I have frequented the University Cafe, it is family owned and ran with great Scottish-Italian food and the best ice cream around. I love that it hasn't changed in decor or atmosphere - warm, friendly and homely. My family have frequented since it opened way back when (1918) - my Granny has memories of her Grandad taking her here and one day I hope to take my future bambino's here too! If you ever find yourself in Byres Road do us both a favour and pop in.

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