Elemis Total Glow Collection

With Summer on the way (it may officially be Summer I don't really keep up with official dates) you may be looking for products to create a light tan or perhaps you have already been on holiday and want to prolong your tan? Well the Elemis Total Glow Collection could just be what you are looking for?

Elemis Total Glow Collection features two gradual tanning products - one for the face and one for the body.
Obviously the idea is that each product works with your skin tone to create a light natural tan rather than leaving you looking orange. I am a huge self tanning fan but only if the end result is light and believable, my days of being oompa loompa orange and proud are long gone. Both of the Elemis Total Glow products have been created using a Vegetan DHA which derives wheat that gently develops a subtle, natural-looking tan. Both also contain Green Tea Extract and Ginger Water to offer antioxidant protection and to create an even skin tone. This is as well as Evodia Fruit Extract for skin luminosity and texture and nourishing Rice Bran oil to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

As with every gradual tanner results will vary - if you have a very light skin tone you may feel that one application gives you the colour you desire. I personally found applying Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion three consecutive nights to my body gave the results I had hoped for - a medium, golden brown colour but for my face I only used it twice in a row. The great thing about gradual tanners is that they are much lighter in colour than a typical self tanner so it is more difficult to get it wrong. I am really fussy about self tanning my face and up until testing out the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser I would only ever use Clarins facial tanning products. However I can very happily say that the Elemis facial tanner gets a thumbs up, it provides a light even colour that doesn't cling to my eyebrows or hair line (real first world problem there) and actually helps disguise my acne scars. I always find that with a great facial self tanner I can get away with less make-up as it hides minor imperfections and even's out my skin tone. I should also mention that the end colour is natural and not one of those odd orange tones that is impossible to colour match to a foundation (if you self tan you know the struggle) nor did it dry out my skin (face nor body).

Oh and my last point to make is that neither of the Elemis Total Glow Collection products stink. They both have a light citrus come floral fragrance that somewhat deepens over application but never turns that hot, warm sweaty scent that other self tanner does. Thank you Elemis - if only other brands could take not, smelling like a biscuit attracts a certain type.

Summer skin starts and ends with Elemis Total Glow Collection in my opinion.

Elemis Total Glow Collection £29.50 - £34.50 via Feel Unique - here.