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Tarte Maracuja Oil Review

Tarte Maracuja Oil

Tarte Cosmetics are everywhere at the moment but one product you may over look is Tarte's Maracuja Oil, which you may want to consider particularly if you have dry skin and enjoy products free from mineral oil and parabens (neither keep me awake at night truth be told).

Tarte Maracuja Oil

A quick note on the packaging - the glass is stained purple to prevent the sunlight from sapping the goodness from the oil. The dropper is perfectly formed to prevent you from applying too much oil, as a general rule 3 drops really is more than enough for your face and neck. If you over apply you will end up with greasy skin and may well be put off the oil in general.

Tarte Maracuja Oil

So what is  Maracuja Oil? The oil in it's purest form is derived from Passion Fruit and in Tarte's instance this is from crops found in the Amazon (not really a surprise huh?). Tarte Maracuja Oil is a clean oil meaning it contains no fillers or unnecessary chemicals. Instead you have an oil that is rich in vitamin C with a high dose of essential fatty acids. The vitamin C is of course to brighten the skin and the fatty acids help ward of signs of ageing as well as protecting against future damage. It is hard to believe but just three drops of this rich oil can help to repair the skin, soothe and heal redness and irritation, hydrates and brighten, reduces signs of ageing, improves elasticity, tone and texture as well as boosting collagen production. Pretty impressive non?

Tarte Maracuja Oil

But does it work? Yes and no and it is only fair that we keep in mind that I have only been trailing this oil for a matter of just over a week and will of course update in a few months. Firstly Tarte Maracuja Oil is a rich oil meaning it can feel a little heavy on the skin and does have a typical oily texture which won't be for everyone.  Despite the texture it does absorb into the skin fairly quickly and doesn't leave behind a tacky residue, instantly after application my skin feels soft, supple and comfortable but I have not noticed any signs of brightening nor has it improved the tone of my skin be it redness or blemishes. This doesn't bother me as it does hydrate and I am hoping with continued us that it will repair my skin along with the improved elasticity, tone and anti-ageing aspects. That remains to be seen as it is only early days but if you suffer from dry skin and want something that will solve the problem almost instantly I would recommend Tarte's Maracuja Oil but I do still prefer Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair II all things considered.

Tarte Maracuja Oil £38.50/50ml via QVC - link

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