Monday, April 21, 2014

Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish

Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish

By now most will know not all Chanel nail polishes are equal and a good few are not worth the £18 price tag but now and then I stumble across a shade that I feel every collection should have.
If I need to feel like a "real grown up", y'know classy or as close as I can get to such term I dig out Chanel Frenzy and pretend that my pearls are real. Like I said classy!

Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish
Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish

Chanel Frenzy is a shade I would have side stepped in my teens but now a days I can appreciate a good nude nail polish. Now I'm not going to pretend for one moment that Chanel Frenzy will suit all skin tones because it won't - when I am tanned it looks bizarre but for the moment it is a great everyday natural looking shade. If I worked in an office this would be the shade that I would wear, in fact I do tend to brush it on if I have a meeting. At £18 it is far from cheap and after a quick scour of the internet I have found that Rimmel's Salon Pro Polish in Oh Mr Darcy is a pretty good duplicate not to mention it costs a mere £4.49 (find it via Boots - link).

Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish

I'd love to be able to tell you that Chanel Frenzy applies like a dream but that would only be a lie. It is in fact (or at least in my experience) a three coater if you like your nails fully opaque. Of course you can speed up things by apply a white base coat but this is a not a polish to rely on when you are in a rush.

Chanel Frenzy Les Vernis Nail Polish £18/13ml via Debenhams - link.
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