Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yankee Beautiful Blooms

Yankee Beautiful Blooms

Yankee have recently launched three new fragrances all of which are floral based which for the majority of people will be ideal for Spring. I have ll three of the Yankee Beautiful Blooms Collection and here is my thoughts...

I have to be honest and say that I don't personally recommend purchasing Yankee Candles in Votive form as the scent throw isn't all that wonderful. In fact unless you are sitting closely to the candle there is little chance of being able to smell the fragrance at all. In my opinion the best way to sample the scents cheaply is to purchase wax tarts as they are the same price (sometimes less) and offer a wonderful scent throw.

Advice aside I'm pleasantly surprised by the three floral offerings: Champaca Blossoms - an almost fruity white floral, Lovely Kiku - a bold floral that in my opinion has a hint of cherry and Pink Hibiscus - the most powdery in a talcum sense and typical floral scent out of all three. I don't typically like floral scents, I prefer bright and fruity fragrances but last night I lit all three candles and will admit that I was rather taken by the floral medley. Fresh and not overly synthetic and as earlier mentioned great for the upcoming Spring.

You can find the Yankee Beautiful Blooms Collection via Yankee Direct £1.25-£19.99 - link

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  1. These new fragrances look perfect for Springtime!

    I love the Yankee Candle wax tarts are they give a beautiful fragrance and are so inexpensive. To date, I've never purchased a large Yankee Candle though as the cost put's me off!

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