Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil with Rosemary

I know some will read this post and say inwardly "you are doing it wrong" but if like myself you aren't all that keen on the texture of oil or find it messy to work with this little trick may be perfect for you...

I have long, bleached hair that pretty much insists that I use a hair oil once a week to pack in a little extra moisture but having more hair than the normal person equates to lots of pricey hair oil. I can't be alone in saying I find hair oil a chore to apply - I'm never sure if I have applied enough, if I have missed an area or what. Out of frustration one day I decided to grab my trusty deep conditioner of choice (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) dispensed a dollop and then mixed in some hair oil. By doing this the oil was not only easier to apply due to the consistency of the conditioner but also the hair has a double whammy of hydration win, win. It seems to do the trick - one rinsed off my hair is so much softer, easier to manage and hopefully in time a lot less damaged in appearance.

My current hair oil of choice is Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil with Rosemary as not only is great for the hair but it has been created to soothe and calm irritated scalps, which in my opinion is a must have for anyone who dyes their hair frequently. Not everyone is keen on applying conditioner to their scalp so you may want to apply this oil directly to the scalp, massage and then use a mixture of conditioner and oil on the ends to ensure the hair is not weighed down. Although nourishing by name the Weleda oil is not a heavy blend making it perfect for all hair types, it also doesn't hurt that it is completely natural too. I have used this on its own for the sake of testing and will contest that it does all it says on the tin: hydrates dry hair, seals split ends and boosts shine. A little goes a long way and as someone with an easily irritated scalp it is a must have. Oh and I should mention that at £8.95 it is a snip! 

Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil with Rosemary £8.95 via Look Fantastic - link.