Beauty Blogging on a Budget

Last night there was a twitter chat about how to blog about all things beauty on a budget and how doable it really is. Well as someone who has now blogged primarily about beauty for three years, I felt today was the perfect excuse to share a few tips and tricks for when you have no money or perhaps no desire to purchase beauty products as there really is more to this community than a new shiny lipstick (as nice as it may be).

01. Shopping the Stash - Have a good ol' rummage through your make-up collection and see what you can re-discover, not only will you have a great post to publish but also you will uncover some beloved but forgotten make-up items. That's what I can a win, win situation. You could even do such post weekly?

02. Share your favourite products - I'm not a massive fan of Youtube don't get me wrong some of the girls (and boys) on there are very talented but I don't have a wonderful attention span to watch a 10 minute favourites video. Yet as soon as a favourite beauty product be it monthly or otherwise on my dashboard you can bet your last shiny penny I will click to read. Like most I am a nosy person by nature and have found a good few staple products through such posts. On the other hand I also enjoy posts about products that didn't work out for said blogger - that way I can make a mental note of what to avoid next time I raid Superdrug! 

03. Share your blogging reading list - The blogging community is huge so there is no-way that we all follow the same blogs so why not sit down and share your must read blogs? I have found so many great bloggers this way and showing a little love to your fellow blogging buddies is never a bad thing is it? You could even do the same thing for your favourite Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or even Pinterest accounts.

04. Peeks into your life and wish lists - Again tapping into that fact that we are naturally curious at heart, the odd peek into your life outside blogging makes for a great post not only will your readership get to know you that little better but it also adds variety to your blog. It could be weekly, monthly or just whenever you feel like sharing but I personally find such type of post hard to resist. Another way to share a little glimmer into your life can be via a wish list post, I tend to use PicMonkey or Polyvore to create mine. 

05 Tutorials - My guess is that most make-up wearers have some type of tip or trick up their sleeve? It could be how to create a smoky eye, applying false eyelashes, a nail art guide or simply a run down of the make-up you wore that day. Although I primarily review beauty products it doesn't have to be that way - there's a huge market for tutorials, you only have to look on Youtube to see how popular they are. 

I realise that my above tips aren't exactly ground breaking but sometimes when in a rut you forget just how much you can write about without spending a single penny!