Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

This morning two new products from The Body Shop arrived on my doorstep and I did the unthinkable, I dragged my sorry behind to the gym at 8am (yes really) with the promise that when I returned for my post work out shower I would use the two products in the shower. I hate exercise it is no secret but today I was slightly and I say slightly more motivated as I couldn't wait to treat myself with the new Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection.

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection
The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

I feel like such a tease as the products don't actually touch down in store and online until the 15th of April but trust me when I say it worth the worth the wait! Now the name for the line up Early Harvest Raspberry is actually a hint when it comes to the production process, you see the Raspberries are picked that little earlier in order to preserve their skin boosting and protecting antioxidants. Sounds good huh? Well wait until you smell the delectable fragrance - I honestly have no words for how astounding it is. I truly didn't realise I liked the fragrance of Raspberries until this morning. 

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

Oddly the two products I have don't smell identical but they do compliment one and other wonderfully - this could also be the case for the matching shower gel and eau de toilette. First up we have The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub which looks a little like jam but in my mind it smells like freshly puréed fruit. Fresh, ripe and sorbet like if I was to sum it up, I'd only be lying if I said the temptation to taste it has not crossed my mind. As a scrub it is fairly course but not abrasive, I have a few dark spots of week old self tan that it has helped to remove and left the rest of my body silky soft. No complaints what so ever. Next up we have The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter which is slightly wasted on me as I'm not really a fan of body butters of any type. The scent this time around is much more milder and creamy - I liken it to a Raspberry flavoured yoghurt, again very appetising. I did slather this on my legs and found it to sink into the skin quickly and left the skin delicately scented and a little softer. If you are a fan of The Body Shop's Body Butters I feel this is one you will want to stock pile.

As mentioned the special edition (I believe this hints at the line up being limited edition) The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection launches on the 15th of April and prices range from £4-£13.

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