eBay Collections

Hands up who has a slight...okay full on eBay obsession? Me too...me too!
Well a new feature has hit eBay UK which allows you to not only pin products into collective groups but shop them with ease too. Let me introduce eBay Collections...

My obsession with eBay goes way back, I have always been a crafter and where I live there is not anywhere local that I can easily purchase craft items. Sure I could go into town and pick up what I need but when you have school, a job or both time is precious and sometimes a tiny yet jam packed art store is the last thing that you want to do. With eBay I can pretty much purchase everything I need, compare prices (more often than not it is cheaper) and have it all delivered to my front door. Perfect.

eBay is one of those few sites that I can spend all day perusing, bookmarking pages and saving items to go back and purchase come pay day. The truth is that with bookmarks I tend to forget about such products and they go un-purchased which isn't always a bad thing but trawling the web for that pair of elusive boots you promised yourself time and time again is time consuming and plain annoying. Enter eBay collections a nifty little tool that allows you to keep all your most lusted after items in one place and in little groups too. If you are a fan of keeping organised this feature should appeal to you. 

I of course have created lots of beauty categories but have spent this afternoon adding lots of home ware pieces. I'm obsessed with little trinkets for sprucing up my flat. eBay is a magpies treasure trove but you didn't need me to tell you that. If you are looking for a new way to waste a rainy afternoon look no further...

You can find and follow my collections here - link if you wish.

- I was compensated for taking part in the eBay collections process but not for this post.